Waltzing Through Life

You don’t have a chance with me if you aren’t absolutely 100% totally into lip syncing “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” by Starship.

And when I say lip syncing, I mean you better be so fucking into it that you know EVERY SINGLE WORD of the male part. I’m talking lip syncing BATTLE.

You were warned.

On my tumblr. In the year 2014. At 2:08 am, August 30. You were warned.


Made just for fun
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Beyoncé - Pretty Hurts (80's Remix)
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Max Linder and an unidentified lady in the hand-tinted Pathécolor one-reeler “Romeo se fait bandit” (1909).


Max Linder and an unidentified lady in the hand-tinted Pathécolor one-reeler “Romeo se fait bandit” (1909).

Cat Power - Sea Of Love
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I want to tell you how much I love you.



Chris Pratt and Dylan Prunty Recite Lines from “The LEGO Movie”

He is the Special.


Alfred Hitchcock wearing a Beatles wig, 1964

Alfred Hitchcock wearing a Beatles wig, 1964

'go fuck off into the horizon' can i use this for EVERYTHING? I'm laughing so hard still!!! That was a prime slaying.

Yes of course you can.

Ugh, I just saw your post about the artificial turf. When I used to play soccer we had a match at a field with artificial turf. It was my first experience with artificial turf and I was ignorant enough to go for a sliding tackle. Let's just say I could not sit for a week and I now have a scar on my left ass cheek.


I played recreational indoor soccer for a couple of years and I still find those little black plastic balls in my parents’ cars. After years and years of not playing. Fucking turf. It hurt so. bad. So. Bad. 

I’d have cuts all over. And those plastic balls would get in the cuts. 

And all of the times football players or high school soccer stars got MRSA from playing on turf fields. 

OH AND during the FC Kansas City vs Portland Thorns match last Saturday in Kansas City, they played on turf. And the temperature on the pitch was over 120 degrees. There were forced cooling breaks where the trainers filled coolers with ice water and let the players dip their feet into it because their feet were literally BURNING from playing on turf.

It’s torture! You get distracted from playing your best because you don’t want to slide, you don’t want to fall on the pitch, you don’t want to take diving headers, you don’t want to run too hard, the ball goes flying across the grass because it’s fuckin’ PLASTIC instead of dirt. 

I’m sorry about your ass scar. :( Just another person with turf scars. I have some on my knees too. So awful.